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Server Ruleset

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Server Ruleset Empty Server Ruleset

Post by Thrace Vega on Sat Jun 11, 2016 7:24 am

Listed below are the rules we expect everyone to abide by.  These rules apply in-game and on Discord.

Code Of Conduct:

  • Keep the public chat relatively clean.
    We operate under the assumption that all of our players are reasonable individuals capable of understanding when banter goes too far, and as such, we are generally pretty forgiving. However, if you cross a line we will ask you via to cool down. Repeated offenses or back-talking the administration are grounds for being muted, kicked, banned, etc. While we understand folks get heated in a combat environment, we ask that you always keep in mind that there are real people behind those other accounts.
    To clarify to some degree, the admins are perfectly fine with most vulgarity and coarse language, but not racism, sexism, homophobia or harassment.  For those who require a definition of harassment, here you go, from
    harass - verb (used with object) - To disturb persistently; torment, as with troubles or cares; bother continually; pester; persecute.

Where You Can build:

  • Homebases must be at least 5 sectors away from another homebase or admin protected structure such as a capture point.
  • Do not leave the starting galaxy.
    This causes additional lag and uses vastly more storage space. The admins WILL delete any and all entities found outside the main galaxy. Repeated offenses will result in a ban. To clarify, this means staying within 1000 sectors in any direction of galactic center.

Ship and Base Specfic Rules:

  • Ships should have no more than 120 entities attached.
  • Ships may have up to 500k mass, including all docked entities and turrets.
  • Weapons should not exceed 800 groups total per ship.
  • Salvagers should not exceed 2000 outputs.
  • Any station that exceeds 500k by design or ends up being host to a total mass of 500k and above must be inspected for lag compliance. Player factions should voidstage (hide in deep space 5-7 systems away in empty systems with no stars) as many vessels as possible to remain in compliance.

  • Stations may not exceed 2mil mass.
    Try to keep server lag down whenever possible.  The general lag guidelines still apply, even to ships that fall within the size guidelines.
    If you're causing critical amounts of latency, we'd appreciate it if you would take steps to reduce that before we have to step in and announce in public chat that you are causing the lag and that you are working to resolve it, so that other players are not in doubt.
    The administration reserves the right to deal with severe lag as they see fit, up to and including deletion of the offending entities without refund.

Fleet Rules

    After much consideration, we have decided that fleets must be restricted. Though we prefer not to impose these kinds of rules, it is 100% necessary in order for players on our server to continue enjoying PvP here.
  • Each fleet should contain no more than 24 ships.
  • Turrets on fleet ships should be freely undockable without causing excessive lag
    Any attached turret should not be docked internally and should be able to freely float away from the main ship body if undocked during combat or otherwise.
  • Fleet ships should not contain any docked entities that are not a part of the turret systems.
    This includes, but not limited to, docked armor, doors, or other entities that cause additional bounding box lag and syncing issues.
  • You are limited to 48 turrets PER FLEET.
    Though we would prefer no turrets be used on fleet ships, since this is the number one cause of lag, we will allow up 48 turrets per fleet.  So for example, if you have 24 ships in a fleet, each one can have 2 turrets.  These can be AMS or damage turrets.  We are no longer differentiating between the two.  You could also have a fleet with one ship in it that has 48 turrets on it and 23 other fleet ships with no turrets.  Mix and match how you'd like!
  • You will be limited to using 2 combat "groups" per engagement.
    This means either 2 fleets OR your main ship PILOTED BY YOU (can be fleeted, but must be piloted) + 1 remote controlled fleet.  If you are engaged in multiple battles throughout the galaxy, then you can use two combat groups PER engagement.
  • Fleets are limited in size to 250k mass
    This includes all docked entities, including turrets or otherwise.  So, for example, if you have 24 ships that weigh 10k apiece, this is 240k total weight and is allowed.


  • Utilizing any manner of glitches or bugs to obtain resources or items you have not earned is strictly forbidden!
    Any blocks etc. generated through the exploit of a bug or glitch will result in the seizure of contraband goods. Repeated offenses could result in deletion of vessels, facilities or the entire faction if the exploit was perpetrated by it's leader.

Build Account Players

  • If in a BUILD_  Account sector, do not under any circumstances connect a shop to the trade network.
    It's extremely hazardous for the server and can cause players to lose their connection when opening the map.


  • You must align your faction to light, dark, or neutral.  
    To do this, have a founder of the faction type, in game:  !align light/dark/neutral  (pick one and don't use slashes)
  • With the exception of the neutral Admin factions (The Rebuilders, Trade Guild), neutral factions may expect to be attacked by light or dark forces.
  • You may unally with factions of the same alignment and war them.  Inter-fighting is allowed.

And Finally..

  • Administrators always have final say.
    However, if you believe an administrator has acted unjustly, please file an appeal on the forum. Do not argue with the administrator in-game, as that may become grounds for removal.
  • Ignorantia juris non excusat.
    In English, 'Ignorance of the law excuses not.' By playing on our server, you are agreeing that you have read and will abide by all listed rules.

Thrace Vega
Thrace Vega

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Server Ruleset Empty Re: Server Ruleset

Post by Thrace Vega on Tue Jun 21, 2016 8:15 pm

-This page was left blank intentionally.

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Thrace Vega
Thrace Vega

Posts : 38
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Age : 31
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Server Ruleset Empty Re: Server Ruleset

Post by DestroyerOfWorlds on Wed Jun 22, 2016 1:46 am

Oh and while you're here, though this isn't a rule, voting helps our server gain rank and more players, so please feel free to vote and favorite us here:

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Server Ruleset Empty Re: Server Ruleset

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