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The Light (Private)

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The Light (Private) Empty The Light (Private)

Post by Thrace Vega on Sat Jun 11, 2016 6:29 am

The Light (Private)
Leader: StoneCyfer
Role: Alignment driven military forces
Homebase: Yes
Currently recruiting more players: Yes, selected from the public Light faction
New players welcome: No, must have functional experience
Languages: Any
Vessel Livery: White with blue trim
Alignment: Light

*The regular fleet component of Lightside forces.
*Players may request a starter ship from the admins upon joining, once.
*Qualified members are recruited from the Light forces public militia.
Thrace Vega
Thrace Vega

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The Light (Private) Empty Re: The Light (Private)

Post by StoneCyfer on Tue Jun 21, 2016 9:25 pm

Good day gents, I am StoneCyfer and I am here to give yall some backstory on the Light.

Some time ago there were many factions that claimed to be good. That their version of Holy Light was the "correct one" and that all others should be re-educated in the proper way. Eventually some of these factions decided that the simple voluntary re-education programs they were running were not reforming the infidels quick enough, so they started to arm themselves and began capturing members to use plasma therapy on to convert them. Well, this clearly did not go well with the other factions, and thus the "Grey War" started. It was called as such because the tactics that were employed by both sides of the war were not truly acceptable by any means, but nobody wanted to say that what they did was not the true "Light" way. After several decades of bloody warfare not many that remained could even remember why they were fighting to begin with, and so, the rebuilding began. Out of the rebuilding, a group emerged that consisted of the past leaders of the warring factions. This group, simply known as the Light, was seen as the best representation of "Good" the galaxy had seen in a millenia and all was bright and safe.

Now, there is a darkness spreading that threatens all the Light has promised to bring and it must be stopped.

At all costs.

We are the Light and we cannot suffer the Dark. Our history has shown that the heretic cannot stand the True Light-they will be purged.


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The Light (Private) Empty Re: The Light (Private)

Post by StoneCyfer on Tue Jun 21, 2016 9:36 pm


You must first join the public light faction to prove yourself. If your accomplisments are of worth to us, I will welcome you into the private Light. The things you must do during your time in the public faction is show that you can build, mine, and fight. For the galaxy is Dark and full of horrors, we are the Light and it SHALL BE CLEANSED!

Forward all inquiries to StoneCyfer here or in game.


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The Light (Private) Empty Re: The Light (Private)

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